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I have been working on the social media domain for over 4 years now as a content creator. Initially I started working as a graphic designer and gradually I shifted to content creation.
When I talk of social media marketing I believe it is the most powerful tool in today’s world to connect with your audience anywhere and everywhere. I make sure that I execute the exact solution while formulating a digital marketing to attain the maximum results by targeting mass audience in a lesser time.

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To achieve this, I have always abided the thumb rule of valuable content creation and content curation. Content curation is what packaging does to your product and what branding does to your organization. For example, Apple is a brand and a product at the same time which provides an optimum packaging and is already a top brand in the market.
In technical terms, content curation is adding YOUR opinion to a data gathered from different sources. Around 82% marketers across the globe use content curation to enhance their marketing strategies.

So how to “curate a content”?

Firstly, you have to be sure about the message that you want to deliver considering your audience taste. Once the topic is decided, think on how to deliver your message? This ranges from a video, a blog, podcasts, webinars, social media posts etc. As soon as a specific content is curated its important to add your one’s own voice to make the content sound reliable to your audience.
In the end, you are ready to serve your dish to your customers and engage traffic on your product.

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